Kirsty Munro interviewing By The Rivers

There is a deep feeling of unease in the pit of one’s stomach when you realise that you have pressed delete and have lost a set of files that can’t be recovered. This was my experience yesterday when I was helping produce the No Quarter Given Show on DemonFM. The students who run the show had recorded an excellent live session with the band By The Rivers along with a series of interviews that sandwiched between the songs. The whole thing was then imported into the DemonFM play out system.

So far, so good. What we didn’t count on was me helping out to put the show together. A couple of the team who were putting things together, Sagar and Yogi, had got the log together, but for some reason couldn’t edit the content. Thinking that starting again would be the best idea I deleted the log. Only when this is done all of the associated voice tracks in the system are deleted as well. And I didn’t think. The interviews were lost.

So, after some frantic scrambling, Kirsty Munro, our amazing presenter of the No Quarter Given Show managed to persuade the guys to come back into the studio to re-record their interviews. I have to say these guys are very professional and really obliging. They took this hiccup with a pinch of salt and went through the process with charm and appreciative humour.

Just after midnight we managed to put the show into the main play out system. Hopefully, we’ll be on-air as usual today and the listener will be non-the-wiser.

Averting Disaster – No Quarter Given
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