In Western, industrialised countries the consumption of food has taken on a highly specialised and processed form. Food is no longer based on craft skills shared between families, but has become an international, industrialised production process. The modern food industry spends millions developing products that are produced in mass-volumes, that have long shelf-lives, and have been significantly reduced in nutritional value.

Underpinning this processed-food culture is sugar which is included and hidden away in so many seemingly healthy products. This presentation will highlight some of the discussions and challenges to the sugar and processed food debates, and will show how documentary media producers are responding to sugar as the new tobacco.

This pop-up Lecture from Rob Watson will highlight the role that campaigns against sugar are forcing changes in the way that we think about health, wellness and cooking skills at home.

De Montfort University Queens Building Q0.10 12pm Friday 20th March.

Low Carb Awareness – Pop-Up Lecture
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