Zosia Rankin
Eleanor Sherwood aka Zosia Rankin of Rankin Steady

Rankin Steady may not be a best selling band with plays on national radio stations, but for their fans, they might as well be! Established around 30 years ago the band has stuck to it’s humble beginnings and gained a loyal following in their natural East Midlands habitat. Ranking Steady’s new album doesn’t show the band’s age, however, as it’s full of energy, grit and good old fashioned optimism that ska and reggae music is so well loved for.

The new album, Sheddah, so called because it was literally recorded in a shed, is a must listen and can be bought for free direct from the band. I spoke to Rankin Steady’s cool, young trumpet player Eleanor Sherwood, aka Zosia Rankin, about the band and how you can get your hands on one of the coolest albums around.

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Skankin’ with Rankin’ Steady
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